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PTC stands for Paid to Click.  Advertisers purchase ads on the PTC sites to get views of their own websitses.  A portion of the fee goes to paying for views from those who like to work at home doing small online tasks.  It's important to read the Terms, FAQ and Privacy Agreement of each site, as they vary.  It's also important to read lots of reviews and then use your own judgment.  Although there are many long standing reputable sites, there are also scam sites, but they are soon exposed.  This site will list sites that I use on a regular basis and that have either been online many years or are newer sister sites of those. Bookmark this site now before you leave, for continual updates.  Please open banners or links in a new tab or window so you can easily come back to read more reviews. :)  If you're seeing this site in a frame, please click here to open in a new window so you can bookmark it.  *Note* my mirror site of this one has more reviews.  This is a banner page of even more sites I work on daily: Sites that make me money!  So much fun!    


InBoxDollars Review - Earn reading (confirming) emails, web searching, doing surveys, playing games, doing simple web tasks, using coupons, watching short video ads, doing free or free trial offers, shopping (earn discounts) and referring others.  $5 sign-up bonus.  $30 minimum payout.  Paid by personal check only.

How fast you hit the $30 payout is up to what you like to do at InBoxDollars.  I mostly just read e-mails, watched short videos and signed up for some 100% free offers that I really wanted (for instance, Turbo-Tax, Credit Karma, Credit Sesame and a few survey sites. InBoxDollars paid me to sign up for them. You can also make a few cents searching with the search bar you get paid $1 to download or just search from the website.  The search bar doesn't work with my browser (Chrome), so I search from the website now and then.  You can save it to your favorites for easy access.

The emails sent to you to confirm pay 1 cent each.  I get several a day in the U.S.  Most contain the same offers that are listed on the site and if you see an offer you like and sign up, you'll make even more.  Be careful of the free trial offers.  Some specify that you have to continue past the free trial to get credit. There are others you can try and cancel before you're charged for the product or program.  There are surveys you can do, although I never qualify, so I gave up on those.  Video views pay up to 7 cents each.

You can only be paid by check with InboxDollars and it'll be 30 days or more after requesting payout before it's mailed to you (first time only...weekly payouts after that).  At $30, you'll be charged a $3 processing fee.  If you wait until you hit $40, which I did, there is no fee.  Also, once the check is mailed (they'll tell you the expected date it will be mailed), you'll become a Gold member for life, with even more benefits.  If you get some friends doing this under you, you'll increase your earnings.  My first check is for $40.04 and I'm expecting it right after the New Year.  I'm about 1/2 of the way to my next check, without any referrals.  I'm excited that someday I'll have referrals and be building a nice steady passive income.  Many of you will surpass my speed at earning by far.  I'm just not in a big hurry but steadily plodding away at this. 

InBoxDollars is a popular, established and well-respected site and on the elite list at many PTC listing websites.  It's been online for 12 1/2  years and I plan to stay with them. If my review has been helpful to you, please consider signing up with InBoxDollars through me. Thank you.

*Update*  I've received 2 checks now from them! 


UniqueRewards - online rewards program

UniqueRewards Review -  Sorry, this one is for the U.S., Canada and the U.K. only.  Earn 1 cent each for viewing websites that are presented to you at the Unique Rewards Website and also 1 cent each for viewing videos.  There are ample ones and you can earn much faster with this website than with others that only pay a fraction of a cent each. Those sites are good too but take much more time and really will only start being productive when you get some referrals under you.  You can also earn at this site doing surveys and cash offers/cashback shopping and referring others.  $5 sign-up bonus.  $20 minimum payout.  Paid by Paypal or personal check. Although you can request Paypal, they reserve the right to pay by check the first time if they feel they need to verify your location.

In less than a month, doing 95% viewing websites and watching a few videos, with a survey and sign-up for a 100% free offer, I cashed out for $20.01 on Christmas Day and the money will be in my Paypal acct in a few days. I'm already earning like crazy to my next cashout! :)  I'm now a Gold member! Payments are made every Monday. 

You can check several times a day for new websites and offers and refresh the page often.  I'm so glad I found UniqueRewards.  I really love it and there is also a generous affiliate program.  Once you earn $20, you'll become a Gold member and earn 40% more on offers, surveys and shopping.  Many people can earn much faster than I did by taking advantage of the other ways to make money at this site.

*Note*  If you plan to use their email sender to send an email to friends, be sure to remove your real name there if you don't want it to show.  You can even rewrite the whole email.  I don't use that...I prefer buying inexpensive ads or making sites like this...but you might like to use that.   


It's a popular, established and well-respected site and on the elite list at many PTC listing websites.  It's been online for almost 6 years and I plan to stay with them.

If my review has been helpful to you, please consider signing up with UniqueRewards through me. Thank you.  *Update*  I've been paid four times now!

UniqueRewards - online rewards program


Free Money at FusionCash!

Fusion Cash Review - Sorry, this site is only for the residents of the U.S. and Canada at this time.  It's been online for nearly 8 years and is considered an elite website, paying consistently.  Minimum cashout is $25 with $15 of that coming from offers. Payments are made monthly and cash outs must be made within 180 days or you'll lose your earnings. Fusion Cash has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

For starters, you get $5 in your account as a sign-up bonus. There are many, many ways to earn money at this well respected site...daily tasks, surveys, viewing videos, paid to call (businesses), playing games, credit for shopping, searching and of course, you can earn from your referrals. I would like to go into much more detail, but the ToS prohibits me from giving more details, so you'll just have to join and be pleasantly surprised! :)  

Fusion Cash has a great referral program so be sure to read up on it!  You can really make good money if you learn how to get referrals.  

  • Refer a friend who confirms his/her email address: $1 bonus
  • Your friend completes his/her first offer: $2 bonus
  • Your friend cashes out: $5 bonus (each and every time they cashout - for life)

If this review has been helpful to you, please consider signing up with Fusion Cash through me. Thank you.  *Update*  Waiting for my 4th cashout in a few days which includes $5 for one of my referrals cashing out!


Free Money at FusionCash!


ClixSense Review - This is an extremely popular site, having been online for almost 6 years and paying regularly with no problems. Minimum payout is $8 (less for upgraded) for Paypal and Payza, $20 for Liberty Reserve.  You may also request payment by check but the minimum varies for different countries.  There are some countries that are restricted, so check the Terms to see if your country is eligible to participate.

You'll find many ads paying up to .02 throughout the day. Not only that, this is a great site to advertise your own ads on.  Keep in mind that although there are many ads that pay a fraction of a cent, that they're also shorter than the .01 and .02 cent ads and they all do add up.  Also, the variety of ads is what keeps the website going, since advertisers buy the ads.  I advertise there also.  

It's a very neat, clean site and easy to view.  There are daily tasks and offers.  You can find one offer which contains several videos to view at .01 each.  There's what's called ClixGrid where you can click on a grid many times a day to try to hit the lucky spot for prize of up to $5.  You'll be shown ads as you click.  Incidentally, this is a great site to buy ads on for your own campaign....on the ClixGrid or on the main View Ads page.

You can earn more with your referrals and there's also Premium membership you can buy for a price that offers many benefits including doubling your chances on ClixGrid.

ClixSense is one of the most loved and respected PTC/GPT sites ever.  

If this review has been helpful to you, please consider signing up with ClixSense through me. Thank you.  *Update*  I've cashed out twice and left some in to buy advertising!




Hits4Pay Review - Earn reading (confirming) emails that are placed in your Hits4Pay mailbox and by referring others.  $5 sign-up bonus.  $25 minimum payout.  Paid through Paypal 45 days after cashing out.  Although this one pays 2 cents per email, it will take a long while to hit the payout unless you have referrals. Still very much worth it since it's effortless and something you can do while doing other things.  Hits4Pay has been online since April of 1998.   

You'll be sent emails from time to time telling you that you have emails waiting in your inbox at the website.  Sometimes it's just 1, but most times it's several for you to view. 

There is also an affiliate builder program for those who want to subscribe for a monthly fee to have your affiliate link put on rotation to be on the main site and other related sites.  I haven't joined this yet, but may after I receive my first payout, which I'm less than $5 away from. There are a couple of other ways to increase earnings too.

If this review has been helpful to you, please consider signing up with Hits4Pay through me. Thank you.  *Update*  Received my first $25 cashout.  Soon will join their $4.99 a month affiliate program and will be making money a lot faster!  

More reviews to come....some sites I use mainly for advertising my referral links.  Don't underestimate the sites that don't pay a whole cent to click on ads.  You can click to earn and cash out a low amount or you can invest your earnings into very very cheap ads to advertise your own affiliate links or websites.  I advertise this site on many of them.  The earnings from PTC come in handy but when you start getting referrals (people signing up under you), that's how your business can really start to take off.  

Be persistent, be consistent, don't give up, invest in cheap ads when you can, make free websites to advertise like I am (click at the bottom of this page to sign up to and make your own website to advertise your referral banners on (you'll find them at each site you join with your own referral ID on them).  

You can really grow your business a little every day....or if you can afford it, some sites sell upgrades giving you great advertising packages and some even sell or rent you referrals (rented ones can usually be extended for a few cents or rotated if they're not producing).  When you rent or buy referrals, you're getting signups of people who didn't join under anyone. You also get more benefits when upgrading.  Personally, I rent a few referrals, get some Paid to Sign Up or Paid to Read ads and some Pay to Click too.  There are Click Exchange ads you can buy too....and the ads don't have to always be for PTC sites.   

                                           HOLEY MOLEY!  I'VE GONE OVER $2,000 IN EARNINGS ON NEOBUX!  YAY!!

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